Advanced Gun Dog Training in Dallas, TX

While basic gun dog training lays a solid foundation, it doesn’t always cover all the bases needed for the real hunting world.  Without advanced training, dogs may struggle to adapt to complex situations such as blind retrieves, multiple marks, and distractions in the field. 

At One Shot Retrievers, we offer dog training in Dallas, TX, to bridge the gap between basic and advanced tricks. With our expert guidance, your furry friend will become a proficient hunting partner you can count on in any situation.

What Is Advanced Gun Dog Training?

Our advanced gun dog training program is designed for dogs that have successfully completed the basic training program, and it usually lasts from 6 to 10 months.

During the advanced course, we focus on refining skills and introducing more complex techniques essential for hunting and retrieving game birds.

What Do Dogs Learn During Advanced Gun Dog Training?

Blind Retrieves

Dogs learn to retrieve birds they haven't seen fall, relying on the handler's direction through hand signals or whistle commands. This skill enhances your dog’s ability to work effectively in challenging hunting scenarios.

Double and Triple Marks

Dogs are trained to mark and retrieve multiple birds falling in succession, which requires them to remember and prioritize retrieves based on the handler's cues. Double and triple mark training is crucial for efficient and productive hunting outings.

Poison Birds

Dogs learn to ignore distractions, such as decoys or birds intentionally placed to divert their attention and are taught to just retrieve the targeted game birds. This way, they remain focused and reliable in the field.

Walk Up Scenarios

Dogs practice approaching and retrieving birds flushed by hunters walking through the field, which instills confidence and adaptability and prepares them for different hunting environments.


Dogs are trained to remain steady and composed while another dog retrieves a bird, demonstrating respect for their fellow hunting companions.

What Breeds Are Best Suited for Advanced Gun Dog Training?

Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, and many Spaniel breeds are among the best-suited breeds for this specialized training. However, any breed with a strong desire to retrieve and please its owner can succeed with proper training and guidance.

Benefits of Advanced Gun Dog Training

  • Enhanced Hunting Skills: Advanced training equips dogs with the skills and confidence to excel in various hunting situations.
  • Improved Handling: Dogs learn to respond to advanced commands and signals, enhancing their handler's ability to direct and control their actions during expeditions.
  • Greater Reliability: Advanced training instills reliability and consistency in dogs, ensuring they perform at their best even in challenging and unpredictable hunting experiences.
  • Stronger Bond with Owner: The training process strengthens the bond between dog and owner, fostering the trust and communication needed for successful teamwork in the field.

Interested in Advanced Gun Dog Training in Dallas, TX?

Whether you're seeking gun dog training, obedience training, hunt tests, or field trials, we can help your dog become a wonderful companion. Contact One Shot Retrievers today to learn more about our courses!

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