Boarding and Dog Obedience Training in East Texas

When you're away, relying on friends or family to watch your dog might not always work out. They might have busy schedules or not know how to care for your furry friend properly.  

As experts in dog obedience training in East Texas, we deeply understand canine behavior and health. With our dog boarding service, you can travel while knowing your pet will receive the love, attention, and care they deserve.

What Is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is a service where your dog stays at a designated facility while you're unable to care for them at home. One Shot Retrievers is a home away from home for your dog, ensuring they get the same care they would get from you.

What to Look for in a Boarding Facility

When choosing a boarding facility for your dog, you must consider location, amenities, and the level of care provided. At One Shot Retrievers, we offer boarding for all breeds and make them feel welcome and comfortable during their stay.

Dogs who stay for boarding with us will enjoy playtime 2 to 3 times a day on our 34-acre property, which features two ponds for extra fun and adventure.

We also provide food for your dog during their stay. However, clients are also welcome and encouraged to bring their own food to keep their furry friend on a familiar diet.

Aside from boarding, we also offer obedience and gun training programs to help your dog develop essential skills and behaviors.

Our obedience training programs focus on teaching your dog basic commands and manners, while our gun training helps prepare them for hunting or other situations where loud noises may be encountered.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Update Vaccinations

Make sure your dog's vaccinations are up-to-date before their boarding stay. This process helps protect them from potential illnesses and ensures they meet our facility's health requirements.

Pack Essentials

Pack enough food for your dog's stay, along with any medications or special items they may need. Don't forget to include their favorite toys or bedding to help them feel at home.

Schedule a Visit

Consider scheduling a visit to our facility before your dog's boarding stay. This way, they'll familiarize themselves with the surroundings and meet our staff.

Provide Contact Information

Make sure to provide us with your contact information, as well as the information for your regular veterinarian. This lets us reach you in case of an emergency and provide the best possible care for your dog.

Maintain Routine

Try to maintain your dog's regular routine as much as possible before their boarding stay. This includes feeding schedules, exercise routines, and any medications they may be taking. Keeping things consistent can help ease your dog's transition into their temporary home.

Need Boarding and Dog Obedience Training in East Texas?

Ready to book your dog's boarding stay with us? Contact One Shot Retrievers today to learn more about our dog boarding and training programs for puppies and dogs.

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